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The Top Six Chequered Plate Pattern Types

Publish: Modify: Mar 08, 2023Author: From:  Haomei

There are various pattern of aluminum checker plate. How to choose? The common ones are 5 bar, compass, spherical, lentil and orange peel. What are their features and uses? Learn more.

There are various pattern of aluminum checker plate. You may not know how to choose from. As an aluminum checker plate manufacturer, Haomei Aluminum likes to make a simple introduction for you. There are six popular chequered plate patterns types.

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1. Compass pattern: It has the same effect as the five bar aluminum tread plate. It is used for carriages, non-slip platforms, non-slip floors in cold storage, anti-slip floors in production workshops, and anti-slip layers in elevator cars.

For special areas (for example, it must be suspended in the air, or in areas with high corrosion rate, or very easy to rust and corrosion), it is recommended to use 5052 or 6061 aluminum pattern plate.

2. Spherical pattern: It can also be called hemispherical pattern aluminum sheet. It has a small spherical pattern on the surface, like a small pearl. It is often used for the outer packaging. Because of unique patterns, its compressive strength is far higher than other aluminum tread plates.

3. Orange peel pattern: It has several tiny branches, including classical orange peel pattern aluminum plate and small bug pattern. Its surface shows patterns similar to orange peel, which is mainly used for refrigerators, air conditioners and packaging.

4. Lentil pattern: It is a common type of non-slip aluminum plates, with excellent anti-slip effect. Its applications are similar to the compass pattern aluminum plate and five bar aluminum plate.

5. Aluminum diamond plate: It is common in packaging pipelines or outer packaging boxes. The shape is a parallelogram, which is the shape of a prism. The texture is also divided into large prisms and small prisms. The common pattern thickness is 0.1-1.0mm.

6. 5 bar aluminum checker plate: It is the most common aluminum checker plate with excellent anti-skid ability. It is widely used in the overall planning of building passageways. It also has two types: big 5 bar and small 5 bar. The pattern length of the big 5 bar aluminum tread plate is about 42 mm while that of small one is about 35mm. The pattern height is about 0.8 mm.

The five concave-convex patterns are arranged in parallel, and each pattern has an angle of 60-80 degrees with other patterns, so this pattern has excellent anti-slip performance.

7. Other uncommon patterns: wavy patterned, aluminum tile, rattan pattern, three-dimensional triangular, strip pattern, river pebble, butterfly pattern. When we buy aluminum chequered plate, we need to pay attention to pattern forming rate, pattern height, pattern height difference.



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