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What Are The Popular Kinds of Stucco Embossed Aluminum Sheet

Publish: Modify: Feb 17, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

What are the popular kinds of stucco embossed aluminum sheet? 1060.3003 and 5052 are the main aluminum plates. It also has rich patterns such as five bar,diamond. Learn more here!

The stucco embossed aluminum sheet is a deep processed product with different shapes formed on the surface of the aluminum plate by pressure processing. What are the popular kinds?

According to its aluminum alloy, there are three kinds: pure embossed aluminum plate, 3 series aluminum tread plate, 5 series aluminum tread plate.

Pure Embossed Aluminum Plate

stucco embossed aluminum sheet.jpg1060 aluminum tread plate is the typical one of the pure embossed aluminum tread plates. It is of cheap price and usually used in cold storage, flooring and outer packaging.

3 Series Aluminum Tread Plate

3003 aluminum tread plate is a typical 3 series aluminium tread plate. It belongs to anti-rust aluminum plate, which is slightly stronger than the pure embossed aluminum plate. However, its harness and corrosion resistance can not reach the same degree of 5 series aluminum checker plate. Therefore, it is usually used in those places with medium strength places such as truck carriages and cold storage floors.

5 Series Aluminum Tread Plate

5 series aluminum tread plate is usually processed with 5052 or 5083 aluminum plate. 5052 aluminum tread plate is of excellent corrosion resistance, harness and anti-rust properties. Therefore, it is always used for special purposes such as ships.

According to the patterns, stucco embossed aluminum plate has dozens of kinds: five bar, diamond, orange peel, lenticular, spherical, compass,etc. Each pattern also has several changes. The aluminum tread plate with different patterns also have different applications. For example, 5 bar aluminum tread plate is a common anti-rust plate with cheap price while spherical checkered plate is of higher hardness and usually used for outer package.

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