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Aluminum Anti Slip Plate for Steps

Publish: Modify: Jul 03, 2024Author: From:  Haomei

The diamond plate steps for the stairs are to prevent slipping. The popular choice is aluminium 5 bar tread plate. The aluminum anti slip plate is also used in many other fields. Learn more.

The diamond plate steps for the stairs are to prevent slipping. At the same time, they are more decorative and more beautiful than other types of anti-skid plates, so they are often used in large places with a lot of traffic, such as shopping malls and supermarkets.

The aluminum tread plates are usually made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy, and the surface is specially embossed to form various beautiful patterns. These patterns are not only beautiful, but also increase the anti-skid performance of aluminum plates and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

diamond plate steps.jpg

In addition, it also retains the excellent properties of ordinary aluminum alloys such as corrosion resistance and weather resistance. After strict heat treatment and polishing process, its corrosion resistance and wear resistance are even better than ordinary aluminum plates.

The aluminium 5 bar tread plate is a very popular choice. Since the pattern on the surface of the aluminum plate is arranged in parallel according to five convex patterns, and each pattern is at an angle of 60-80 degrees with other patterns, this pattern has excellent anti-slip performance.

In the field of construction, patterned aluminum plates are often used as indoor and outdoor decorative plates, such as walls, ceilings, floors, partitions, etc. Its rich patterns and color options can add a sense of modernity and fashion to buildings, making the appearance of buildings more eye-catching. At the same time, due to its excellent anti-slip performance, the skid proof aluminum sheets are often used in places such as stairs and corridors that require anti-slip treatment, improving the safety of buildings.

In the field of transportation, the aluminum checker plates also play an important role. In shipbuilding, they are often used on the ship decks. Due to its lightweight and corrosion-resistant characteristics, patterned aluminum plates not only improve the overall performance of the ship, but also reduce maintenance costs.

In automobile manufacturing, the aluminum anti slip plate is also widely used in body panels, interior panels, luggage racks and other parts, which not only improve the aesthetics of the vehicle, but also reduce the weight of the vehicle body and improve fuel economy. Welcome to inquire it from us.

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