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The Manufacturing Process Of Wholesale Stucco Embossed Aluminum Coil

Publish: Modify: Aug 26, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The manufacturing process of the wholesale stucco embossed aluminum coil includes aluminum ingot melting, cold rolling,etc. Learn more about the embossed aluminum coil.

The wholesale stucco embossed aluminum coil has rich patterns for meeting different applications. For example, the orange peel pattern is commonly used in the refrigerator, refrigeration and heat preservation industries; the semi-spherical pattern is special for the car exhaust pipes and engine soundproof covers.

The quality stucco embossed aluminum coil is of smooth surface, full pattern and good decorative effect. Haomei Aluminum can provide the aluminum tread plate with thickness within 12mm and the width of 2200 mm. What’s its manufacturing process?

1. Melting and Holding furnace

melting and holding furnace of embossed aluminum.jpg2.Cold Rolling

cold rolling of aluminum coil.jpg

3.Stretching and straightening

3.Stretching and straightening of aluminum coil.jpg

4.Acid and alkali washing, then drying

Acid and alkali washing.jpg

5.Embossing production

Embossing production of aluminum coil.jpg


anodizing of the aluminum coil.jpg

7.Cutting and packing

wholesale stucco embossed aluminum coil.jpg

Many customer do not specify the packaging method when placing an order. Haomei Aluminum usually adopts the wooden pallets. If the ports in your country require the fumigation of the wooden pallets, remember to tell me in advance. Welcome to leave message below to get the embossed aluminum coil price.



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