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How to Buy Trim Coil 24x50

Publish: Modify: Feb 21, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

Trim coil 24x50 is 24 in width and 50 feet length, which is 609.6mm in width and 15240 mm. How to choose it according to your own specific use? Learn more.

Trim coil 24x50 is 24 in width and 50 feet length, which is 609.6mm in width and 15240 mm in length in terms of international unit. It is pre-painted with colors before they undergo cutting, bending, rolling and other forming processes.

In the current construction market, 70% of the aluminum trill coil used on construction surface are roller coated. Haomei Aluminum has the high-speed continuous automatic running roller coating line specially designed for coating aluminum.

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One-time coating can ensure the formation of 2 layers of coating on the front and the back, which is more efficient and avoids the over-baking of the paint coating on the surface of the aluminum coil during multiple processing. PVDF coating aluminum coil is favored in various large-span metal roof structures and corrugated insulation systems because of its beautiful appearance, light texture, easy processing, durability and recyclability.

Aluminum trim coil also has many alloys. Different types of trim coils have different performances in some characteristics and are suitable for different applications. How to get what you need? There are some tips.

1. Specific use

Different uses will have different requirements for some of its characteristics such as strength and corrosion resistance. Therefore, when you buy trim coil, you can roughly determine the specific type of color coated aluminum coil according to the specific uses.

2. Application environment

Different applications require trim coil 24x50 to be used in different environment, having ifferent conditions such as temperature, humidity, cleanliness, etc. Pay attention to the selection of materials according to the specific conditions of the application environment, so as to ensure that it fully meets the decoration need.

For example, you can choose PVDF coating aluminum coil in outdoor and seaside environments and polyester color-coated aluminum coils in indoor dry environments. Generally speaking, fluorocarbon color-coated (PVDF) aluminum coils have better weather resistance and are suitable for use in various harsh environments.

3. Bearing pressure

When the bearing pressure is large, the thickness of the trim roll should be appropriately thicker. For example, for those places where there have heavy rain and snow, a thicker and higher-strength aluminum coil should be selected.

As one of the big aluminum coil stock manufacturers in China, Haomei Aluminum offers different sizes of pre-pained aluminum coil. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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