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Why Choose Aluminum Plate for Tanker

Publish: Modify: Jan 21, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

The commonly used aluminum plate for tanker are 5083, 5182 and 5454 aluminum alloys. What are the advantages of aluminum tanker plate? Learn more.

Lightweight automobiles can greatly enhance economic efficiency, improve driving safety, reduce gasoline fuel consumption, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, lightweight automobiles are the development trend of the automobile industry worldwide.

In Europe and North America, the aluminum alloy is widely used in the automotive industry, especially heavy-duty and special vehicles. The market share of aluminum alloy tankers is very high. The commonly used aluminum plate for tanker are 5083, 5182 and 5454 aluminum alloys. Why do we like to choose aluminum tanker plates? There are five advantages:

aluminum tanker plates.jpg

Light Weight

The density of aluminum is only 2.7 g/cm3, almost only 1/3 of the weight of steel. The application of aluminum alloy on the tanker greatly reduces its own weight.

Strong corrosion resistance

The aluminum plate has incomparable corrosion resistance than steel. With aluminum alloy tanks, various liquids or liquefied gases can be transported without any protective layer, which can better guarantee the oil quality.

Low fuel consumption

According to the relevant research report of the European Aluminum Association, for every 1T ton lighter, 0.6L of gasoline can be saved for every 10 km. If an oil tanker can reduce its own weight by 5 ton, it can can save at least 1800L of fuel per year based on 12000 km and half of the empty mileage. That’s why we use aluminum plate for tankers.

Good electrical conductivity and energy absorption performance

When the tanker collides, because the aluminum alloy has good electrical conductivity, little static electricity is collected on the tank body and there will be no sparks generated, thus preventing serious accidents such as explosion.

At the same time, aluminum alloy can well absorb the instantaneous energy generated by the tank body when it collides or rolls over, and will not cause the tank body to crack,which prevent the leak of oil.

In addition, with the light weight body, the center of gravity of the aluminum alloy tanker is also reduced accordingly, thereby reducing the possibility of the tanker overturning.

Easy process

The aluminum alloy 5083 is of good welding performance. MIG, TIG, resistance welding, FSW and other welding methods can all be used to weld aluminum alloys. At the same time, aluminum alloy can also be bent, stamped and deep drawn. Welcome to leave message below to get a best price.



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