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What Are Colors of Sublimation Aluminium Sheet

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Haomei Aluminum has sublimation aluminium sheet with a thicknesses of 0.2~1.0mm and more than 30 different colors and surface treatments. Among them, the white aluminum sheet is very popular.

Different from traditional printing methods, the key point of sublimation printing is that he dye on the surface of the transfer paper is heated and sublimates, penetrates into the surface of the object, and after sublimation, a colorful, high-definition and lifelike image is formed. The pattern does not fall off or crack, is durable, and has technical features such as high efficiency, environmental protection, flexible process, convenient operation, and image personalization.

Haomei Aluminum has sublimation aluminium sheet with a thicknesses of 0.2~1.0mm and more than 30 different colors and surface treatments. The surface of our aluminum sheets are clean and perfect, and using imported coatings.

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The main colors are glossy silver, glossy gold, glossy copper and glossy champagne, brushed silver, brushed gold, brushed copper and brushed stainless steel, titanium silver and titanium gold, pearlescent silver, pearlescent gold and pearlescent white, mirror silver, mirror gold, mirror champagne, high-gloss white and matte white, double-sided bright silver, flash silver, etc. Among these colors, the white aluminum sheet is much more inquired.

Features of aluminum sheets

1. 1. Weather resistance: Aluminum alloy sheets have good weather resistance and can maintain pattern stability and color durability under different climate conditions.

2. Wear resistance: The surface of aluminum sheet is usually specially treated and has a certain degree of wear resistance, which can resist scratches and wear in daily use.

3. Chemical resistance: Aluminum alloy sheets can generally resist the erosion of some chemical substances and keep the surface clean and shiny. 4. Corrosion resistance: Aluminum alloy itself has good corrosion resistance. After coating, its corrosion resistance can be further improved through appropriate coating and treatment.

Image adhesion influencing factors

1. Surface treatment quality: The surface treatment quality of aluminum alloy before sublimation is directly related to the adhesion of thermal transfer. If the surface is not treated properly, the adhesion between the thermal transfer layer and the aluminum alloy may be poor, increasing the risk of falling off.

2. Different usage environments have different effects on aluminum alloy products The risk of shedding may be higher in extreme climatic conditions, such as high temperatures, humidity, or strong UV exposure.

3. Production process: The precision and quality of the production process are directly related to the durability of the product. Fine workmanship can reduce defects and improve the quality of sublimation aluminum sheets.

Measures to prevent image from falling off

1. Choose high-quality heat transfer film: High-quality heat transfer film has better adhesion and stability, which can improve the durability of the product.

2. Strictly control the production process: Enterprises should strictly control every link during the production process to ensure the precision and consistency of surface treatment, thermal transfer and subsequent processing.

3. Conduct adequate quality testing: Before the sublimation aluminum sheet is put on the market, conduct adequate quality testing to simulate usage under different environmental conditions to ensure product stability and durability.

4. Provide appropriate protective measures: Provide appropriate protective measures for different usage environments, such as surface coatings, wear-resistant layers, etc., to increase the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the product.

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