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How to Choose Aluminum Plate Thickness

Publish: Modify: Jul 20, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Different applications and types has different requirements for the aluminum plate thickness. 3 mm aluminium plate is needed for roofing aluminum sheet. Learn more.

The aluminum sheet industry has some knowledge of general aluminum plate thickness. The requirements for the thickness of aluminum sheets are different when used in different occasions, and different types of aluminum plates also have corresponding thickness requirements.

Although the aluminum sheet thickness does not affect the appearance, it will affect the deformation resistance and service life of the aluminium sheet, especially for the perforated aluminum sheet.

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Roofing Aluminum Sheet

It has relatively high requirements for thickness. If the thickness is too thin, it is easy to deform. Therefore, it is recommended that you use aluminum with a thickness of more than 2.0 mm such as 3 mm aluminium plate.

Hollow Aluminum Plate

Large-area carving will reduce the deformation resistance and rigidity of the aluminum plate. Therefore, when choosing carved aluminum sheet, we nee to choose a thick aluminum plate, such as aluminum sheet 2.0mm or more thick.

Perforated Aluminium Plate

Since it has a hole design, many people like to choose perforated aluminium plate. This choice is not necessary in some cases that it is a micro punching. If the stamping rate ratio is relatively large, and the area is relatively large, the thick aluminum plates are needed for processing. But if it is used indoors, there is no need to think too much about the thickness.

Welding Plate

Some shape design need to be achieved by the welding of aluminum sheets. But because the temperature during welding will be very high, the thin aluminum plate is likely to be deformed during the welding process, so the welded plate is usually made of the thick aluminum plate.



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