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The Influencing Factors of Aluminium Tread Plate Prices

Publish: Modify: May 21, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The stucco embossed aluminum sheet has a wide range of application. What are its influencing factors of aluminium tread plate prices? Haomei Aluminum tells you.

The stucco embossed aluminum sheet is a main kind of aluminum plate with many patterns such as five bar, compass, three bar and small five bar. It has wide range of applications in life, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, carriages, cold storage, stairs, etc.

Take 5052 aluminum tread plate for example. It belongs to Al-Mg embossed aluminum sheet, featuring good corrosion resistance, hardness, rust resistance, which is widely used in humid environments, such as ships, refrigerated trucks and warehouse.

stucco embossed aluminum coil.jpg

Since the embossed aluminum sheet is so popular, its demand is also very large. The aluminium tread plate prices is always the first thing people like to know. What are the influencing factors?

1. Regional factor

Manufacturers in different regions have different production costs and different sales prices. For example, the price in Shanghai is much higher than that in Henan. Henan Province is also a concentrated area of embossed aluminum sheet manufacturers. The big one is Haomei Aluminum.

2. Technical content

Although having similar appearance, the aluminum tread plates from different manufacturers have different technical content. Therefore, their prices are also different. The product price is too low to ensure product quality and affect the efficiency of use. Please have a comprehensive consideration of the embossed aluminum sheet quality, sales service, manufacturing capacity,etc.

3. Product specification

The price of stucco embossed aluminum sheet of different varieties and specifications will certainly not be the same. In general, the aluminium tread plate prices consists of three parts: aluminum ingot price, processing fee, and freight.

There are many specifications of the aluminum tread plates. Different patterns will have different prices. The price will also vary according to the thickness. For example, the 3mm aluminium checker plate has different price from the 2mm 5 bar tread plate aluminum plate.



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