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Different Patterns of Aluminium Tread Plate Sheet

Publish: Modify: Feb 28, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

Aluminum tread plate sheet has rich alloys and patterns like 5 bar and spherical pattern. Different patterns has slightly different applications. Learn more.

Aluminum tread plate sheet has rich patterns, including five bar, three bar, orange peel, lentil, diamond, round bean, etc. The most common one on the market is five bar tread plate. It is also divided into large 5-bar tread plate, small 5-bar checker plate, large 5-bar mirror tread plate and small 5-bar mirror tread plate.

The main function of 5 bar aluminum tread plate, widely used for cold storage projects, automobiles, buses, and motorcycles. It has good anti-skid ability. Since the patterns on the surface of the aluminum plate are arranged in parallel and each pattern is at an angle of 60-80 degrees to the other patterns, so the pattern has anti-slip properties.

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The pattern of small 5-bar aluminum tread sheet is 1 cm~2 cm smaller than that of the large 5 bar checker plate. It is used in transportation, construction, decoration,machinery, shipbuilding and other fields. Generally speaking, users do not have high requirements on the mechanical properties, so the quality of the small five-bar aluminum plate is mainly reflected in the pattern forming rate, pattern height and pattern height difference.

For the spherical aluminum sheet, the surface presents a small spherical pattern, like small natural pearls, which is mainly used in the outer packing box. The compressive strength of this aluminum alloy plate is much higher than other patterns.

3003 aluminum tread plate has a certain rust resistance and higher strength than that of ordinary aluminum alloy plates, but its strength is not as well as 5xxx aluminum sheet, so it is used in rust prevention where the strength demand is not severe. For unique places with high corrosion degree or high strength requirements, 5052 or 6061 aluminum tread sheet can be used.

Aluminum tread plate should be stored away from a humid environment and avoid contact with chemical substances. The aluminum checker plate needs to be protected from rain and snow during transportation, so as to avoid the oxidation effect. The storage environment of aluminum tread plates should always pay attention to good ventilation.

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