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The Aluminum Sheets for Anodizing

Publish: Modify: Jun 22, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The aluminum sheets suitable for anodizing is mainly wrought aluminum. 1000,5000 and 6000 anodised aluminium plates are more commonly found. Learn more!

After the anodizing surface treatment process, the aluminum plate produced by anodized aluminum sheet suppliers can obtain bright and rich colors, but not all aluminum alloys can use this process. Which aluminum alloy sheets are suitable for anodizing?

There are two types of aluminum alloys used in industry, namely wrought aluminium alloy and casting aluminum alloy. The casting aluminum alloy generally has a high silicon content, of which the anodized film is dark. So casting aluminum alloy is not suitable for anodizing.

5000 series anodized aluminum sheet.jpg

Different grades of wrought aluminum alloys have different compositions, heat treatment processes and corresponding processing morphologies, so they have different anodizing characteristics.

The presence of alloy elements will reduce the quality of the oxide film. Under the same conditions, the oxide film obtained on pure aluminum is the thickest, hardest and the most uniform.

1000 aluminum plate: It is generally not used for hard anodizing. But it has very good characteristics in bright anodizing and protective anodizing.

2000 aluminum sheet: Because the Al-Cu compounds in the alloy are easily dissolved during anodizing, it is difficult to form a dense anodized film. During protective anodizing, their corrosion resistance is even worse. Therefore, it is not easy to anodize.

3000 aluminum plate: It will not reduce the corrosion resistance of the anodic oxide film, but the anodic oxide film will appear gray or gray-brown.

4000 aluminum alloy sheet: Because this alloy contains silicon, it will make the anodized film gray. The higher the silicon content, the darker the color. Therefore, it is not easy to anodize.

5000 marine grade aluminum sheet: It is a widely used aluminum alloy with good corrosion resistance and good weldability. This series of aluminum alloys can be anodized. If the magnesium content is too high, the brightness is not enough.

6000 aluminum sheet: It can be anodized. The typical alloys are 6063 and 6463 anodised aluminium plate, which is suitable for bright anodizing. The anodized film of alloy 6061 and 6082 should not exceed 10 micron, otherwise the anodized film will appear light gray or yellowish gray, and its corrosion resistance is also significantly lower than 6063 and 6463.



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