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PCB Entry Sheets: Copper Substrate V Aluminum Drilling Entry Sheet

Publish: Modify: Apr 09, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

In the new era led by 5G, aluminum drilling entry sheet has broader application prospect considering the processing cost, although copper substrate has better performance. Learn more!

Both the aluminum substrate and the copper substrate are of excellent heat dissipation performance when used for making PCB entry sheets. But due to the difference in the nature of the two metals, the performance of the aluminum substrate and the copper substrate is different under the same conditions, and the thermal conductivity of the copper substrate is higher than aluminum drilling entry sheet.


Thermal conductivity difference between copper substrate and aluminum substrate:

Copper substrate: about 400 W / M.K

Aluminum entry board: 200 W / M.K

The difference of copper substrate and aluminum entry sheet in processability:

1. The metal base can get a fine pattern by etching the circuit. Copper substrate can be processed into a convex shape, and the components can be directly pasted on the convex surface, realizing heat dissipation effect.

2. Due to the PCB processing technology itself, metallization cannot be directly realized on the aluminum base surface (such as a single aluminum substrate), and the copper base can be processed into metallized holes, so that the corresponding single panel or multi-layer copper substrate has excellent grounding performance.

Since copper itself can be welded, so that the final installation of the designed structural parts can be welded,which has better heat dissipation.

3. Due to the difference in the elastic modulus of copper and aluminum (the elastic modulus of copper is about 121000MPa, the elastic modulus of aluminum is 72000MPa), the corresponding warpage and expansion and contraction of the copper substrate will be smaller than that of the aluminum substrate, and the overall performance is more stable.

With the increasing density of PCB electronic components and the density of integrated circuits, the speed of signal transmission is accelerating. The corresponding power consumption also increases accordingly.

In the future era led by 5G networks, radio frequency signals require excellent grounding performance, and heat dissipation requirements will also be greatly improved. The performance of ordinary rigid PCB boards will not meet their requirements. The demand for aluminum drilling entry board and copper substrates will be larger.

Although copper substrate has better performance, aluminum PCB sheet is more easily accepted by the public and has broader application prospect in terms of processing cost.



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