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Different Kinds of 3mm Thick Aluminium Sheet

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3 mm is a commonly used aluminum sheet thickness. What are the different types of 3mm thick aluminum sheets? Learn more.

3 mm is a commonly used aluminum sheet thickness. It can be divided into many types like mirror finish aluminum sheet, anodized aluminum sheet, aluminum corrugated plate, aluminum tread plate,etc. Let’s have a look.

3mm aluminum tread plate .jpg

Aluminum sheet for curtain wall

3mm thick aluminum sheet for curtain wall is mainly composed of panels, strengthens bones, hanging ear,etc. It is of smooth surface and good wind resistance. There are a variety of color coatings to choose from, meeting a variety of functional needs.

Aluminum tread plate

3mm aluminum tread plate is with various patterns formed on the surface of the aluminum plate through calendering process. It is well known for anti-slip function. Its typical usage is to make anti-skid bottom plates, anti-skid steps, or decks of ships. It is also used in packaging field. The typical pattern is 5 bar.

Anodized aluminum sheet

3mm anodized aluminum sheet is made of anodizing process, uniform thickness, good weather resistance, and wear resistance. It is often used in the mechanical and electrical equipment housing, chassis cabinet, electronics products. Haomei Aluminum can offer anodized aluminum plates and chemical aluminum oxide plates, wherein the chemical aluminum oxide plate is suitable for use with an LED circuit board.

Aluminum corrugated plate

Aluminum corrugated plate has high requirements on aluminum sheet thickness. If the thickness is too thin, it is very prone to deformation. So it is recommended that 3mm aluminum plate is a good choice.

Perforated aluminium sheet

Large-area carvings reduce the resistance and rigidity of aluminum plates, so we try to select a slightly thick aluminum sheet. 3mm aluminum perforated sheet is often chosen.

Haomei Aluminum has different types of 3mm aluminum sheet for various applications. Welcome to leave message to inquire 3mm aluminum sheet price.

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