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How Much Do You Know About Aluminum Insulation Material

Publish: Modify: Jan 09, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Aluminum insulation rolls and aluminium insulation sheet are used for aluminum pipe wrap, covering 1, 3, 5 aluminum alloys. What are their specific applications and price? Haomei gives you the answer.

Aluminum insulation material is widely used in in those insulation, anti-corrosion and rust prevention projects like building, equipment, wall, pipes, etc.

aluminum pipe wrap.jpgThere are two kinds: aluminum insulation rolls and aluminium insulation sheet. The common alloys are 1xxx, 2xxx and 3xxx aluminum alloys. The coatings for aluminum insulation coil and sheet are Polysurlyn and Kraft paper.

The 1xxx aluminum insulation coil is the cheapest, and its application range is naturally the most extensive. For example, the 1 series aluminum coils are suitable for the insulation and rust prevention projects of ordinary building waterproofing and municipal pipes.

However, the 1 series aluminum coil is not resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and it is powerless for the equipment and pipeline insulation of power plants and chemical plants.

aluminum coil with kraft paper.jpg3xxx aluminum insulation sheet just made up the vacancy. It has good acid an alkali corrosion resistance, which is mostly used for refrigeration equipment, storage tanks, pressure vessels and pipes, radiator fins,etc.

The price of 5xxx aluminum pipe wrap is the highest among these three series and its performance is also the best of the three. It has high strength, good plasticity and corrosion resistance, has good fatigue resistance, and can be welded, which is regarded as the most promising aluminum insulation material.

Haomei has aluminum sheet and aluminum coil with Kraft paper or Polysurlyn cladding, which are of different thickness and customized length. Welcome to contact us.



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