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Different Types of Aluminium Sheets for Sound Barrier

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5xxx aluminum sheet for sale is a main kind of sound insulation aluminum plates including 5a02, 5a03,5a05,etc. Welcome to learn more.

The high-speed rail sound insulation board is mainly composed of the foundation, the column and the screen standing board. The vertical soundproof board is the main component of the sound barrier to reduce the noise. It is usually made of sound insulation aluminum plate.

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The main types of aluminum sheets for sound barrier is 1xxx and 5xxxx aluminum sheet. Facing to the impact of typhoons, the aluminum sheets used in cities near the sea have extremely high requirements on the strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum plates. 5xxx aluminum sheets are a better choice.

5a02 aluminum plate is a high-magnesium alloy with good strength, corrosion resistance and machinability among non-heat-treatable alloys. Excellent corrosion resistance makes 5a02 aluminum plates widely used in automobiles, aircraft welding parts, subway, light rails, pressure vessels that require strict fire protection,etc.

5a03 high-speed rail noise barrier aluminum plate is Al-Mg series rust-proof aluminum. The performance of 5a03 aluminum plate is similar to that of 5A02 aluminum plate, but because the magnesium content is slightly higher than 5A02 aluminum plate, and a small amount of silicon is added, 5a03 aluminum plate has better weldability.

The 5a05 aluminum plate for railway/high-speed rail sound insulation board is a durable and practical aluminum alloy material. The railway sound insulation sound barrier is divided into a pure sound insulation reflective sound barrier and a composite sound barrier that combines sound absorption and sound insulation. The latter is a more effective sound insulation method. 5a05 aluminum plate is used to prevent corrosion and has better sound insulation.

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