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How to Calculate Aluminum Sheet Weight and Price

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What does 4x10 aluminum sheet stand for ? How to calculate it weight and price? 4x10 aluminum sheet indicates 1219mm width× 3048mm length. Learn more.

Aluminum sheet is widely used in transportation, decoration, household appliance, packaging,etc., due to its excellent performance. More and more enterprises like to replace the original production material with aluminum sheet in order to obtain better product performance. How much do you know about the 4x10 aluminum sheet?

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In terms of chemical composition, aluminum plates are currently divided into 1-8 aluminum alloys internationally. Except that 1xxx belongs to pure aluminum, the other 7 series are alloys of different elements, such as 2xxx aluminum-copper alloy, 3xxx aluminum-manganese alloy, and 5xxx aluminum-magnesium alloys, 6xxx aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloys,etc.


As for the thickness, there are two kinds: thin aluminum sheet and thick aluminum plate. The common thin plate thickness is between 0.2-10mm, and the thickness of thick plate is between 10mm-120mm. If it is higher than 120mm, it is an unconventional specification and needs to be customized.


The sizes we often hear are 4x8, 4x10 and 5x10. 4’x10’ also called 48”x120”, indicate 4 foot and 10 foot. 4’x10’ stands for 4 foot and 10 foot. 5’x10’ stands for 5 foot and 10 foot. 1 foot= 304.8 mm, 4’=1219 mm, 5’ = 1524,10’= 3048mm.

4x10 aluminum sheet indicates the width of aluminum sheet ×length = 4 foot × 10 foot = 1219mm × 3048mm. 4x8 aluminum sheet is 1219mm×2438 mm. 5x10 aluminum sheet is 1524 mm ×3048 mm.

Aluminum sheet weight

The weight of the aluminum plate = the thickness of the aluminum plate, the length of the aluminum plate, the width of the aluminum plate, and the density of the aluminum plate The weight of a 3mm*1000mm*2000mm aluminum plate is: 3*1*2*2.7=1.62kg.

Aluminum sheet price

Aluminum plate price = aluminum ingot price + processing fee, in which the aluminum ingot price is constantly changing with the international market and the processing fee is slightly different for each aluminum plate manufacturer. Welcome to leave message below to inquire

4x10 aluminum sheet price.

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