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Alu Sheet for PCB

Publish: Modify: Dec 14, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

Alu sheet for PCB is widely used in the electronic field because of its multiple advantages like good heat dissipation. 1060, 5052, 6061 aluminum sheet are chosen. Learn more.

Alu sheet for PCB is widely used in the electronic field, like switching regulator power supply equipment, high-frequency transmission circuit communication electronic equipment, automotive power supply control, LED aluminum substrate, motor driver automation equipment. What are its features?

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Heat dissipation

Aluminum sheet is of fast heat conduction. Common PCB material such as FR4 and CEM3 are poor thermal conductors, and they are insulated between layers and heat cannot be dissipated. The heat dissipation advantages of aluminum substrates can directly reduce the operating temperature of electronic products, increase product power density and reliability, and effectively extend the service life of electronic products.

Dimensional stability

Aluminum PCB sheet is obviously much more stable in size than that made of other materials. When it is heated from 30 ℃ to 140-150℃, it only has a size change of 2.5-3.0%.

Thermal expansion

Thermal expansion and contraction are the common nature of materials, and the thermal expansion coefficients of different materials are different. Aluminum PCB can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem, thereby alleviating the thermal expansion and contraction of different materials on the printed board, and improving the durability and reliability of the whole machine and electronic equipment.

Excellent machining performance

It can fully replace fragile ceramic circuit boards. It can reduce the installation of radiators, reduce product volume, and save hardware assembly costs.

Generally, considering the cost and technical performance, aluminum plate is an ideal choice. The available alu PCB are 6061, 5052, 1060, etc. If there are higher thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, electrical properties and other special performance requirements, copper plates, stainless steel plates, iron plates and silicon steel plates can also be used.

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