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CTCP VS CTP Printing Technology

Publish: Modify: Jun 16, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

hat is the difference between CTCP and CTP? They have different requirements on its aluminum base plate. Welcome to learn more and get a best price.

What is the difference between CTCP and CTP? So far, prepress computer-to-plate equipment is divided into two categories: ordinary CTP and CTCP. Although both processes have saved the film plate making process, and all adopt digital information to realize the one-stop operation of "pre-press production-data transmission-direct plate making", from the perspective of technical characteristics and actual process implementation, CTP and CTCP There is a big difference. CTCP is the extension and development of CTP.

CTCP images digital information on the ordinary PS plate, while CTP images the digital information on a special CTP plate coated with a special photosensitive layer. Because the CTP laser light source has very strict requirements on the wavelength and the range of the photosensitive wavelength is very narrow, the imaging exposure of CTP has extremely high requirements on the photosensitive layer of the plate. The corresponding coating process and production cost of the CTP plate material is therefore much more cumbersome and expensive than the CTCP plate.

UV-CTP Plate.jpg

Whether it is CTCP equipment or CTP equipment, exposure technology is the core content. It is not only related to the quality of exposure imaging, but also closely related to the life of the equipment. The structure and movement state of the exposure head directly affect the repair and maintenance of the equipment in daily use.

CTCP uses a short-arc ultraviolet high-pressure mercury lamp as the exposure light source, and completes the entire platform-type exposure operation through digital dot imaging technology and a magnetic levitation driving method.

Its exposure head consists of two parts: one part is a high-precision optical element; the other part is a modern electronic sensor device that controls and detects exposure imaging. The device can automatically adjust the height of the exposure head according to the unevenness of the printing plate surface, thereby ensuring the exposure quality.

Compared with the CTP equipment using laser as the light source, the maintenance of the CTCP exposure head is more convenient and easy; the replacement of the light source does not require professionals and can be completed by ordinary operators. The magnetic levitation drive technology without mechanical wear not only minimizes the accuracy error of the entire equipment, but also greatly reduces the probability of equipment failure, providing a solid guarantee for the creation of high-quality products.

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