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Why Is 2mm Aluminum Checker Plate So Popular

Publish: Modify: Feb 18, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

2 mm aluminum checker plate is very popular because of its superior properties, rich types and patterns. Welcome to know more about it if you plan to buy aluminum checker plate wholesale.

2 mm aluminum checker plate is a popular type of aluminum tread plate. That’s because of its superior properties and rich patterns. It is of novel structure, light weight, excellent durability and good anti-slip effect. The weight per square meter is about 7 kg.

2mm aluminium checker plate.jpgIts tensile strength is 200N per square millimeter. And it also has a very high elongation of more htan 10%, which make it withstand high bending without cracking. At the same time, different alloy elements give it more advantages.

According to the aluminum alloy, the decorative checker plate can be divided into pure aluminum tread plate, Al-Mn aluminum checker plate and Al-Mg diamond checker plate. Pure aluminum checker plate is processed on the basis of 1060 aluminum plate, which is very cheap. Al-Mn and Al-Mg aluminum tread plate has very excellent corrosion resistance, which can be used in some humid environment.

2 mm aluminum checker plate also has rich patterns: five bars, three bars, two bars, one bars, diamond, compass,etc. The length is 500-16,000 mm. Five bar aluminum tread plate features excellent anti-slip property, which is widely used in various aspects such as building platforms.

As a aluminum plate manufacturer, Haomei has a large amount of aluminum checker plate wholesale. Haomei aluminum checker plate is of stable and high quality,which has been exported to hundreds of countries worldwide. A good reputation is gained during this process.



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