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What Are Uses of Aluminum Reflector Sheet

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Aluminum reflector sheet mainly has 1,3,5 series, which if often used for architectural decoration, lampshades, solar reflector,etc., especially suitable or commercial lighting. Different colors are also available.

Mirror aluminum sheet uses high-purity aluminum billets, combined with high-precision equipment, to make the mirror aluminum surface as smooth as a mirror, with fine lines and high reflectivity, which can meet various harsh requirements for mirror aluminum. It is mainly used in architectural decoration, lampshades, solar reflector,etc. Different colors can be chose according to their own product needs.

Aluminum reflector sheet was originally used in lighting reflective materials. Its mirror-like surface endows the lighting fixture with the best reflective surface, greatly improving the light efficiency utilization rate, thereby saving energy consumption.

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It is especially suitable for commercial lighting, such as: grille lights, tunnel lights, explosion-proof lights, etc., which require a lot of energy. After using mirror aluminum plate as a reflective material, it can greatly reduce energy consumption and save costs. In addition, it also increases the service life of the lighting products.

Mirror embossed aluminum sheet is a product made of high-quality mirror aluminum coils that are pressure-processed on embossing equipment. It is usually used in the reflection of lamps and lanterns, which can enhance the light efficiency by more than 60%.When the mirror aluminum plate is used as interior decoration, the mirror reflection effect can make the space expand and present an illusory effect.

The aluminum mirror sheet also has different series, including 1,3, 5 and 8 series. The purity of 1xxx aluminum reflector sheet is relatively high. Since this series is of simple production, its price is very low. 3xxx Al-Mn polished aluminum sheet features excellent anti-corrosion performance. 5xxx aluminum sheet is well known for low density, high tensile strength and high elongation.

1050 aluminum mirror plate is of high plasticity, corrosion resistance, and good thermal conductivity. The lighting fixtures do not require high strength. Even if the strength of the 1050 mirror aluminum plate is not high enough, it is still suitable for the production of lighting fixtures. 1050 aluminum plate is generally used in thickness between 0.5-10mm. Welcome to buy mirror finish aluminum sheet from us.

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