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Types of Aluminum Offset Printing Plates

Publish: Modify: Nov 21, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

There are mainly three types of printing plates: PS plate, CTP plate and CTCP plate. They all belong to aluminum offset printing plates. What are their differences and how to choose? Learn more.

In book production, printing is an important production link and printing costs account for a large proportion of book production costs. At this stage, there are mainly three types of printing plates: PS plate, CTP plate and CTCP plate.

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PS plate

PS plate offset printing is a photosensitive offset printing plate with a multi-layer structure. It uses an aluminum plate as a support, and the aluminum plate has been processed by various processes, the purpose of which is to endow it with photosensitive properties and printability.

How to choose PS plate? There are three tips: The choice should be based on the right size, proper printing endurance to match the printing quantity and suitable quality. For example, The size specifications of the PS plates include length, width and thickness specifications, and the PS plate should be selected according to the printing plate size requirements of the printing machine used.

CTP Plate

Compared with PS plates, there are more types and varieties of CTP plates like silver salt ctp plate, thermal ctp plate and violet ctp plate. Among them, thermal CTP plate is more popular. The thickness of the aluminum plate for CTP plates is generally 0.280mm, which is slightly thicker than the PS plate currently produced (the thickness of the PS plate base is 0.270mm±0.005mm). It is certain that Haomei Alumium has different thicknesses for you to choose from.

CTCP plate

CTCP technology images digital information on ordinary PS plates. The consistency of the printing plates ensures the normal operation of all printability. Printing companies do not need to worry about various problems caused by changes in printing suitability, and do not need to spend a lot of time and energy to complete the matching of aluminium offset printing plates and printing machines.

Haomei Aluminum has all these different kinds of printing plates. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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