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PS Plate Wholesale

Publish: Modify: Oct 09, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The quality of alumnium base plate such as 1050 aluminum sheet has great effec on PS plate for offset printing. Welcome to inquire PS plate wholesale price from us now!

PS plate for offset printing is made upf of two parts: the photosensitive layer that forms the graphic part in printing and the aluminum plate that forms the hydrophilic blank part. It features excellent printing quality, high printing endurance, safety and low cost.

The aluminum base plate for PS plate is usually 1050 aluminum sheet. The thickness is 0.30mm, 0.27mm and 0.15 mm. The aluminum plate surface is not to have cracks, scratches, oil marks,etc. The gap between plate and horizontal plane is less than 3mm, wave number is less than 3/m and the diagonal difference is less than 1 mm. Its qualiy has great effect on the quality of PS plate.

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1. The surface quality of the aluminum plate

In the making process of aluminum plate, a layer of oxide film will be formed on its surface. At the same time, the rolling oil and other impurities such as dust will inevitably remain. If it is not removed, it will directly affect the electrolytic grit shape and anodizing effect, which will finally influence the printing quality.

Therefore, we must strictly control the surface quality of the aluminum sheet, that is, the defects depth of the surface and the degree of residual oil stains.

2. The flatness of the aluminum plate

If the flatness of the aluminum sheet is not good or the waves aare large, the distance between the polar plate and the aluminum plate is not uniform. Then, the flow of charged electrolyte between the two is different. The electric quantity of the aluminum plate above the base surface is very different, thus leading to the different electrolysis reaction.

The resulting grit size is uneven. Fine sand meshes have little water storage and cannot meet the printing requirements; coarse sand meshes store a lot of water, and the blank part of the printing plate is easy to get dirty. Besides, the large waves of the aluminum base plate will result in uneven spray volume, nozzle cracks and the damage of the pringting equipment.

3. The thickness differene of aluminum plate

The relative elongation of the PS plate is restricted by the thickness of the aluminum base plate. And the thickness difference of the PS plate will inevitably lead to uneven deformation and cause inaccurate overprinting during printing.

Therefore, the thickness of the PS plate should be moderate and the thickness difference should be uniform. Only in this way can it be ensured that it is strong enough and will not cause excessive deformation.

As a big aluminum sheet supplier, Haomei Aluminum not only has PS plate wholesale, but also has the aluminum base plate such as 1050 aluminum sheet. Welcoem to leave message below to get the latest price.



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