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The Washing Process of Aluminum Tread Plate 4x8

Publish: Modify: Feb 20, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

As a big aluminum tread plate supplies, Haomei introduces one important processing-washing process of aluminum tread plate 4x8. What’s its uses and washing ways? Learn more here.

Aluminum tread plate sheet is a very common and popular type of aluminum sheet. It is also widely used in our daily life. Its shinning pattern brings it strong decorative effect. How to make it during production? There is a necessary processing, that is, washing process.

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1. Chemical polishing and washing

In order to wash off the chemical agent on the surface of aluminum tread plate 4x8, the flowing water is used to prevent the sticky agent from adhering to the aluminum sheet.

2. Wash after removing oil

Remove the oil on the surface of aluminum tread plate to minimize the effect of oil on its appearance.

3. Washing after neutralization

During the production process, there are some formulations left,which will affect the function of the aluminum tread plate. We need to neutralize these corrosive formulations and wash.

Different corrosive materials will has different corrosive degree. If they are not washed up completely, they will lead to the serious corrosion of the goods. Therefore, any reduction of corrosion cannot be ignored.Through different washing methods, the life of aluminum checker plate can be well extended.

As a reliable aluminum tread plate supplier, we have complete production lines and advanced processing technology. If you like to know more the manufacturing process of aluminum tread plate 4x8, welcome to contact us directly.



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