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The Manufacturing Process of Face Mask Aluminum Strips

Publish: Modify: Aug 19, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The manufacturing process of face mask aluminum strip includes raw material selection, knives arranging, slitting, winding, packaging,etc. Learn more about the thin aluminum strips.

For making aluminum nose wire for the face masks, the face mask aluminum strip is needed. The common choices are 1060 and 3003 aluminum strip with the width of 90-100 mm. How to slit the aluminum sheet into the designed width?

Aluminum strip is made of aluminum coils through slitting and slitting equipment. Usually we use aluminum coils with a width of 1000-1500 mm as the base material and processed by one or more times of slitting.

The manufacturing process of the aluminum strip for masks includes material selection, arranging of knives, slitting, winding, and packing. At present, Haomei Aluminum can produce the aluminum strips with different widths such as 5mm and 10mm. Its width can also be customized according to your need.


Raw material selection

Choose the appropriate aluminum coil as the base material according to the material, thickness and width required by the order. It should be noted that the width of the aluminum coil should be selected according to the width of the finished aluminum strip to avoid waste. At the same time, it is necessary to reserve a 5 mm edge.

Knives arranging

Arrange the knives of the slitting equipment according to the width of the aluminum strip. The width accuracy is controlled within 0.1mm. The knife arranging has relatively high requirements for the equipment and operators, and it directly determines the precision range of aluminum strip cutting.


The quality of the aluminum coil should be paid attention to whether the quality of the aluminum coil is scratched or oily. At the same time, the machine should promptly clean up aluminum chips and residues to avoid scratches during the slitting process.


Rewinding and slitting are carried out at the same time. The diameter of the sleeve should be selected according to the inner and outer diameter requirements of the user's order.


The packaging of the thin aluminum strips can be divided into refined packaging and simple packaging. The refined packaging is wound with oil paper, while the simple packaging is directly wound with the film.



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