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The Bending Radius of 5mm Aluminium Plate

Publish: Modify: Jul 22, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

What’s the bending radius of 5 mm aluminium sheet? How to avoid the cracking? What’s the 5 mm aluminum sheet price? Find all the answers here.

One of the most useful characteristics of aluminium is its formability, and one way to form the metal into the shape you want is through bending. There are three influencing factors: formability, thickness and bend radius, and elongation.

Recently there are many customers who ask about aluminum bending. For example, what is the bending radius of 5mm aluminium plate? Which knife should be used? And why does the aluminum sheet crack during bending?


In fact, the bending radius of aluminum plate can be calculated. It is usually 0.8 times the thickness of the aluminum plate. So the bending radius of 3mm aluminum sheet is 2.4 while that of 5 mm aluminium sheet is 4. If you use a knife, it is generally better to use a sharp knife.

There are some causes of cracking when the aluminum sheet is bent 180 degrees:

1. The bent side is parallel to the rolling direction of the aluminum plate, so it is easy to crack. Turn the bending direction 90 degrees.  

2. The 180 degree bending angle is too much, which is larger than the minimum bending radius. Generally, the bending radius is 1.5 times of the aluminum plate thickness.   

3. It is because of the alloys. Some alloys are easy to bend such as 3003 and 6061. For each different alloy, we should choose right temper. The 3003 aluminum sheet with O temper is better for bending.

4. The aluminum plate is too thick, which exceeding the bending limit of the material.

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