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Marine Grade Aluminum for Ships

Publish: Modify: Jun 16, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The marine grade aluminum is widely used for ships such as destroyer, hydrofoil, small aluminum boats,etc. 5456,5356,5083,6061 marine grade aluminum sheets are used. Learn more.

For ships as vehicles, increasing speed is one of the main technical indicators for their improvement and development. At present, among various transportation vehicles, the speed of ship transportation is the slowest, and the most effective way to increase its speed is to reduce the weight of the ship. Another way is to reduce water resistance.

The combination of these two methods makes the aluminum alloy high-speed boats develop rapidly. Which kinds of ships is the marine grade aluminum used for? They include aircraft carrier, hydrofoil, destroyer, hovercraft, LNG cargo ship, catamaran, small aluminum boats.

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Aircraft Carrier

The application of marine grade aluminum sheet on aircraft carriers ranges from decks, huge lifts to doors, cabin partitions, cabin decoration. The four huge elevators of American aircraft carrier in 1961were welded with aluminum-magnesium alloys.


In order to reduce the weight of the superstructure and maintain stability, the destroyers usually make full use of aluminum alloy structures. In fact, all the structures on the main deck are made of aluminum alloy.


The hydrofoil uses 5456 alloy as the hull material. Because its welded joints has the highest strength performance. 5356 aluminum alloy with high crack resistance is used for welding. In China, 5A01 alloy plates, profiles, forgings and welding wires are used to construct the “Flying Fish” hydrofoil.

Small Aluminum Boats

Any type of small aluminum boat can be used for decades without suffering any significant corrosion. The decommissioning of such ships is usually due to technical obsolescence, not the aging of aluminum structures.

In general, the marine grade aluminum sheets for sale such as 5000 and 6000 aluminum has shown excellent resistance to seawater erosion. Haomei, as a big aluminum sheet supplier, has rich kinds of marine grade aluminum sheets. Welcome to inquire aluminum sheet price from us directly.



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