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How Will the Black Aluminum Checker Plate Crack

Publish: Modify: Feb 19, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

What are the reasons for the black aluminum checker plate when bent? As an aluminum checker plate supplier, Haomei like to make a simple analysis for you. Learn more!

The black aluminum checker plate is formed on the basis of aluminum plate. It is widely used in the packaging, construction, curtain wall,etc. What are the reasons for the diamond aluminum plate to crack when bent? There are four reasons.

black aluminum checker plate.jpg

1. The thickness of the aluminium plate. Too thick aluminum plate is not easy to bend. So it is easy to crack when bent.

2. The harness of the polished aluminium checker plate. If the hardness of the aluminium plate is too high, it is easy to break when bent. The harness has close relationship with the aluminum alloy and temper.

Generally speaking, 1000, 3000 and 5000 aluminum plate with H24 temper are easy to bend. 5052 H32 aluminum sheet is a commonly used kind to bend. The hardness of the 7 series is too high, and it needs to be annealed to the O state before bending.

3. Direction of aluminum plate pattern. Pay attention to the processing state of the aluminum sheet. At the same time, if the bending angle is large, it is recommended to choose hot-rolled aluminum sheet.

4. The bending angle of aluminum plate. The larger the bending angle, the higher the success rate. So it had better increase the bending R angle as much as possible.

As an aluminum checker plate supplier, Haomei has a comprehensive range of aluminum checker plate with different thickness, alloy and temper. If you need to bend black aluminum checker plate, our aluminum plate is a good choice for you.



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