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How to Color Black Aluminum Tread Plate

Publish: Modify: Sep 29, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

During the production of black aluminum tread plate, how to get an ideal dyeing effect? There are four tips for you. Lean more.

Due to the strong decoration and durability of the diamond tread plate, it is widely accepted by the public. However, there are some dyeing problems of the aluminum tread plate during the production process. How to get an ideal dyeing effect?

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1. Choose the right alloy. Generally, high-purity aluminum, aluminum-magnesium, and aluminum-manganese alloys in the production process have good dyeing function and can be dyed into various colors after anodizing. For the relatively heavy plates containing silicon or copper, it can only be dyed into dark and black colors during the dyeing process.

2. Have a good control of the thickness of the oxide film. The oxide film refers to the thickness, porosity, transparency, etc. of the film layer of the aluminum plate. The thickness of the film layer can be kept above 10um, then we can get a good dyeing effect.

3. Have a proper concentration of the dyeing solution. If the aluminum plate is dyed lightly, the concentration can be lower, and the concentration can be higher if the aluminum plate is dyed dark.

If the solution density is relatively high, it will cause uneven color or floating phenomenon. In order to enhance the absorption of dyeing, low-concentration colors are used for extended dyeing, so that the dye molecules can penetrate into the depths of the oxide film pores more evenly, so that the dyed colors can be more harmonious and firm.

4. Pay attention to the the temperature of the dyeing solution. The dyeing of aluminum plate is divided into cold dyeing and hot dyeing. The use of cold dyeing takes a long time in the production process, and the uniformity of the dyed color is easier to grasp. The heat dyeing time is relatively short, but the control of the color is more difficult. The temperature of heat dyeing is usually 40-60°C.

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