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How About Painted Aluminum Coil Market in China

Publish: Modify: Mar 01, 2023Author: From:  Haomei

The painted aluminum coil in China is mainly used for construction and food packaging. The main processing technology are spraying, roller coating and sheet coating, especially roller coating.

The rapid development of my country's electrolytic aluminum industry will inevitably lead to changes in the scale and structure of downstream industries, especially people's consumption habits and consumption awareness have a significant impact on the establishment of the aluminum downstream industry chain structure. For example, the color coated aluminum coil has risen rapidly in the past ten years.

Simply put, painted aluminum coil is aluminum that has been coated and colored on the surface. It is mainly used in architectural decoration, food packaging, electronic appliances, printing, transportation and other fields. At present, in China, color-coated aluminum is most widely used in the fields of architectural decoration and food packaging.

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In the field of architectural decoration, color-coated aluminum is mainly used in roofs,building curtain walls, interior wall decoration, ceilings, honeycomb panels, thermal insulation panels, rolling doors, shutters, etc. In the field of food packaging, color-coated aluminum is mainly used in food cans, can lids, bottle caps, box lids, pull rings, food container,etc.

In terms of processing technology, coated aluminum coil belongs to the coating industry.Under the influence of factors such as the construction of an environment-friendly society, people's daily consumption habits and aesthetics, in the field of construction, environmentally friendly materials are becoming more and more popular.

In addition, the anodic oxidation of aluminum sheet is better than that of galvanized sheet, therefore, coated aluminum is gradually widely used. The production process and equipment manufacturing technology of color-coated aluminum in China come from color-coated steel. It is in the 21st century that our painted aluminum really saw a quick development.

From the analysis of the production process, the pre painted aluminum used for building materials in our country mainly adopts spraying or roller coating technology, mainly roller coating. Roller coating production is characterized by good production continuity, high efficiency, high output, easy quality control, good quality, high utilization of raw materials and coatings, less loss, energy saving, low cost, good economic benefits, and less pollution.

The color coated aluminum for food packaging is mainly pre-coated with paint or pre-coated with DOS oil on the aluminum base material, mainly using sheet coating and roller coating processes. Sheet coating means that DOS pretreatment is carried out first, and then sheet coating is carried out after cross-shear cutting.

Roller coating means that DOS treatment is not required, and roller coating is carried out directly on the surface of the aluminum substrate after cleaning. At present, from the perspective of technical process adaptability and large-scale production, roller coating has obvious advantages in the production of color coated aluminum.

There are many factors affecting the development of coated aluminum coil industry. but the upstream industries are directly related to the color-coated aluminum industry, namely the aluminum sheet, coil, and coating industries. The different choices of aluminum coils and paintings and processing fees both will affect the final coated aluminum coil price.



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