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Color Coated Aluminum Strip for Spacer

Publish: Modify: Jun 08, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

The color coatd aluminum strip is usually further processing for making aluminum spacer, playing an important role of fixing glass and keep them dry. Learn more.

The double glazing window is made of two ieces of glass, using a high-strength and high-air-tight composite adhesive to bond the glass pieces to the aluminum alloy frame containing a desiccant to make high-efficiency sound and heat insulation glass.

The aluminum spacer is specially made for the hollow window. This color coated aluminum strip is an aluminum product made of high-purity aluminum. After processing, it is not easy to oxide and corride, and has no effect on the desiccant, effectively eliminating the phcolor coated aluminum strip.jpgenomenon of atomization. It can have good friction resistance during use, and will not loosen during use.

The moisture in the hollow glass is quickly absorbed by the molecular sieve inside the aluminum spacer, which effectively eliminates the phenomenon of atomization. The molecular sieve inside the aluminum spacer does not overflow, so that the inside of the hollow glass is dry and tidy.

There are two rows of water drop patterns on the surface of the aluminum spacer, which makes the glass doors and windows look more high-end and beautiful. It can be bent to improve the production efficiency of double glazing window. When connecting the glasses, the aluminum spacer has a strong stabilizing effect, and it has more functionality in design.

window spacer.jpgThe common alloys are 1100. 3105 and aluminum strip 3003. Aluminum strip 3003 has very good reflection performance to light. It reflects ultraviolet rays stronger than silver. It also has strong low temperature resistance. When the temperature is low, aluminum will increase its strength without brittleness, so it is an ideal material for low-temperature devices. All these advantages make aluminum strips capable of being hollow window spacer.

Haomei aluminum strip for window spacer has been exported to many countries and regions worldwide. The packaging has two types: large aluminum strip roll packaging and wooden case packaging. The size of the roll is determined by the width and length of the roll according to the customer's customization. The approximate dimensions of the wooden box is 1.4 meters in length, 1.3 meters in width, and 0.8 meters in height. Welcome to leave message to inquire it.

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