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Different Alloys of Thin Aluminum Strips

Publish: Modify: Aug 18, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

There are different alloys of the thin aluminum strips such as 1060 and 3003 aluminum strip. They have different industrial uses like face mask aluminum strip. Learn more.

There are different alloys of the thin aluminum strips, including pure aluminum strip, aluminum-manganese strip, aluminum-magnesium strip and aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy. The applications of the different alloys are also different. The customer need to make choice according to the need of the industry.

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Pure aluminum strip: 1000 aluminum alloy belongs to the pure aluminum. It has good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and good ductility. It is often used in transformers, cable armoring, metal stamping, lampshades, heat sink fins, etc.

In the H24 semi-hard, 1000 aluminum strip has good bending and stamping performance, and has good tensile properties in the O temper. It is suitable for the processing of stretch forming parts such as lamps and lanterns. At the same time, the price of pure aluminum strip is also the lowest.

Aluminum-magnesium strip: Its typical alloy is 3003 aluminum strip. This series has certain strength, rust and corrosion resistance, so it is suitable for the processing of hardware products with certain requirements for strength, and the price is slightly higher than pure Aluminum strip.

Both 3003 and 1060 aluminum alloy can be used as the face mask aluminum strip.

Aluminum-magnesium alloy: Its typical alloys are 5052 and 5074. With a relatively high content of magnesium alloy, it has high hardness and good bending performance, which is suitable for processing parts that need to be bent and has clear requirements for hardness such as the hardware products.

Aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy: Its typical alloy is 6061-T6 aluminum strip, having highest strength among the different kinds of the aluminum strips, which is not suitable for bending.

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