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Aluminum with Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier

Publish: Modify: Oct 20, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The aluminum with Polysurlyn moisture barrier is of excellent water proof and heat insulation performance. Come to know the advantages and making process of the Polysurlyn moisture barrier.

The aluminum with Polysurlyn moisture barrier is the close combination of the Polysurlyn and the aluminum coil through the high-pressure hot pressing process. The thickness of Polysurlyn film. The wight per square meter is 0.08 kg. After being laminated with the aluminum coil, it cannot be torn off without cracking.

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The Polysurlyn film is of excellent weather resistance and durability. After thermal composite bonding, it can still maintain excellent bonding under severe and harsh conditions such as heat aging, hot water, cold water, and low temperature. The Polysurlyn laminated aluminum coil is suitable for multiple industries such as household appliances, building decoration, thermal insulation, luggage, shoe materials, automotive interiors, furniture, etc.

Its manufacturing process includes: a. preheating of the equipment; b. Place the aluminum in the preheated equipment for automatic trimming, hot pressing compounding and online shaping; c. Place the Polysurlyn coating on the plain aluminum coil or color coated aluminum coil; d. The aluminum coil with the Polysurlyn film is compounded at a certain temperature; e. After cooling, automatic cutting, and shearing, we get the finished product.

The aluminum with Polysurlyn moisture barrier is of low price, light weight, environmental protection and effective heat insulation. Its specific advantages include:

1. The thickness of the Polysurlyn film(0.08 mm) increases its weather resistance.

2. It absorbs water vapor and will not release water vapor.

3. It has low flammability after compounding.

4. The aluminum coil with Polysurlyn film is more waterproof than color coated aluminum or aluminum coil with Kraft paper.

5. The series 1, 3 and 5 aluminum coil are all compounded with Polysurlyn film.

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