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A Popular Size: 4x8 Aluminum Sheet Metal

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The 4x8 aluminum sheet metal stands for the ratio of the width to length of the aluminum plate. It refers to 1219mmx2438mm. The diamond plate sheet is usually this size. Learn more.

The 4x8 aluminum sheet metal stands for the ratio of the width to length of the aluminum plate, which refers to 4 foot wide and 8 food long. Since 1 foot = 304.8 mm, 4 foot = 1219 mm, 8 foot = 2438 mm, 4x8 aluminum sheet is 1219mmx2438mm. This size is widely used in many types of aluminum plates like color coated aluminum plate and aluminum diamond plate.

The color coated aluminum sheet is coated with a layer of fluorocarbon paint or polyester paint, which makes the aluminum sheets have excellent properties such as UV protection, acid and alkali resistance, and high weather resistance. Its life span can be as long as more than 20 years. They are deep-processed products of aluminum sheet.

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For tanker truck making, large size aluminum sheets like aluminum plate 4x8 are often used. 5454 aluminum alloy plate is an aluminum-magnesium alloy that is suitable for use under high temperature conditions and has good strength and corrosion resistance at high temperatures. 5454 is an alloy commonly used to make tanks. Its usage status is O or H111. The characteristics of 5454 aluminum plate include high specific strength, small density, good corrosion resistance, excellent thermal conductivity and weldability, and good anti-electromagnetic radiation and thin-wall molding capabilities.

The most suitable aluminum alloys for use in corrosion-prone environments are 5000, which is not heat treatable, and 6000, which is heat treatable. The most traditional and commonly used alloys in shipbuilding are 5083 aluminum sheet and 6082 aluminum-magnesium silicon extrusion alloy. Its used size is often large than 4x8 foot.

Aluminum tread plate is a common metal material that is widely used in construction, transportation, industry and other fields because of its beautiful appearance and good anti-skid properties. The common alloys are 1100, 1060, 3003 and 5052.

Generally, the thickness of pattern aluminum plate is between 0.8mm and 20mm. Common thicknesses are 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, etc. Aluminum diamond plates of different thicknesses have different strengths and stiffnesses and can meet the needs of different projects. Patterned aluminum plates of different widths and lengths are suitable for different construction requirements. If you want to buy diamond plate sheets 4x8 near me, Haomei Alumium is a reliable aluminum tread plate supplier.

The quality of aluminum plates is composed of many aspects, such as surface quality, whether the alloy composition is qualified, mechanical properties and grain size, etc. Generally, we identify the quality of aluminum plates mainly from the appearance, panel type, elongation and tensile strength. Generally, the value needs to be in the middle of the mark.

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