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7075 Aluminum Plate V2A12 Aluminum Plate

Publish: Modify: Aug 05, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Both 7075 and 2A12 aluminum plate belongs to aircraft aluminum sheet. What are their difference in strength and anodizing performance? Learn more here and get price.

As the earliest developed 7xxx aircraft aluminum plate, 7075 aluminum plate is widely used for aircraft manufacturing, military industry, and mold processing in many countries due to their high hardness, strength, mechanical properties and cutting performance.

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2A12 aluminum plate and 2024 aluminum plate are also the most commonly used aircraft aluminum alloys. They are also widely used in the fields of aviation, mechanical parts, molds, and electronics. This article will briefly introduce the performance difference between 7075 aluminum plate and 2A12 aluminum plate.

The conventional hardness of 7075 aluminum sheet is about HB150. After forging and heat treatment, the hardness of some 7075 aluminum plates can also reach above HB160 and the tensile strength can reach above 600 MPa.

The conventional quenching hardness of 2A12 aluminum plate is HB120-130. The strength of 2A12 thin aluminum plate with O temper can’t improved a lot after heat treatment. These two types have unstable anodizing properties due to their special chemical composition, especially the 2A12 aluminum plate.

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