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5x10 Aluminum Sheet

Publish: Modify: Jan 04, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

5x10 aluminum sheet covers different types of aluminium sheets. The price of aluminum sheets for sale is affected by many factors. Learn more.

5x10 aluminum sheet refers to the aluminum plate specification that the width and length of the aluminum plate are 5 feet and 10 feet respectively, approximately equivalent to 1524x3048mm. It is a very common specification.

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How to calculate the weight of 5x10 aluminum sheet? The formula for calculating the weight of the aluminum plate: weight = density × volume.

The density of aluminum is 2.7g/cm3. Assuming that the thickness of the weight of 5x10 aluminum sheet is 1/5", the volume is 1440 cubic inches or 23597cm3, multiplied by the density of 2.7g/cm³, and the resulting weight is 63.71 kg. This is the weight of each piece. If there is 500 pieces, then the total weight is 31.85 tons.

5x10 aluminum sheet has no requirements for the alloy, thickness and processing craft. It covers different types of aluminium sheets such as aluminum tread plate, mirror aluminum sheet, 5052 marine grade aluminum sheet, aluminum closure sheet.

Since aluminum alloy sheet has high comprehensive strength and strong corrosion resistance, aluminum plate replacing steel in automobile is becoming popular. 5x10 aluminum sheet grows rapidly not only in traditional applications such as aerospace, transportation, electronic power, and construction, but also in new areas.

The price of 5x10 aluminum sheets for sale is related to the thickness, temper, alloy,etc. It is also affected by the daily fluctuation of aluminum ingot price and the processing cost. Welcome to leave message below to get a best price.



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