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5 Bar Checker Plate VS Common Aluminum Plate

Publish: Modify: Sep 28, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

The 5 bar checker plate has a wide application in transportation such as cars, ships and aircraft. What are the difference of aluminum tread plate from common aluminum? Learn more.

The lighweight vehicle and rail transporation has been a increasing maket for the 5 bar checker plate. Specifically speaking, the stucco embossed aluminum is used in the passenger cars, aircraft, high-speed rail, city rail and subway,etc. What are its difference from the common aluminum plate?

5 bar checker plate.jpg

Firstly, the production process of the stucco embossed aluminum sheet is not simple. It is not easy to make patterns on aluminum plates, which not only increases the investment in machinery, but also consumes more manpower. The pattern both has decorative and anti-skid effect.

Secondly, there are different patterns which can be used in different industries. 1000 series aluminum checker plate can be used as the floor of cold storage and vehicles. 3000 series aluminum tread plate has certain strength, impact resistance, certain rust and corrosion resistance, which can be used in the train carriage. 5000 series aluminum embossed plate is with high strength and high hardness, which has strong resistance to rust and corrosion, and can be used in ships and even aerospace industries.

Finally, like the common aluminum plate, we need to pay attention to the cleaning of the 5 bar checker plate.

  1. Clean it regularly. Clean the surface of the stain with water or a corresponding detergent, and the residue of the stain is likely to cause corrosion and deformation of the plate.

  2. Use a professional spraying agent on the surface of the aluminum tread plate to effectively prevent corrosion.

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