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3003 Aluminum Bending

Publish: Modify: Sep 11, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Generally 3003 aluminum is of goo bending performance, which is also affected by its raw material, forging level and tempers. 3003 H14 aluminum is an ideal choice. Learn more.

The 3003 aluminum sheet is widely used in many fields because of its excellent welding performance, rust resistance and bending performance. What are the influencing factors of the 3003 aluminum bending performance?

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Its own specification such as the surface area, density and area per unit volume are all the main reasons that determine that the 3003 aluminum plate will not crack when it is bent. Besides, the 3003 aluminum must be in an annealed state.

Raw material

The purity of the raw material will greatly effect the properties of the 3003 aluminum sheet. If there are some impurities or some manufacturers add some scrap aluminum for reducing production cost, the 3003 aluminum sheet will be of poor quality. Its bending performance will also be affected greatly.

Forging level

We usually choose 4mm aluminum sheet for bending. But if some manufacturers’ forging level is no high, their control of the aluminum sheet thickness will be not accurate. For example, we need 4mm aluminum sheet, but the finished product is 3.5mm aluminum sheet. That is likely to cause the crack of the 3003 aluminum when it is bent.


If the 3003 aluminum sheet will be bent, our common choices are 3003 H14 aluminum and H24. H indicates the temper of cold work hardening and the following numbers indicate different degrees and types of cold work hardening. They will not crack when bent 90 degree. Welcome to leave message below to get the best price of the quality 3003 aluminum sheet.



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