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Why Do The Aluminum Trim Coil Colors Fade

Publish: Modify: Feb 25, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Aluminum trim coil thickness is an important factor on keeping aluminum trim coil colors no fading. Haomei trim coil for sale has different coating kinds and thickness. Learn more.

In recent years, aluminum trim coil must have been the new favor of decoration industry. It has been widely used for decoration in buildings, electric and home design.During the long-term use, aluminum trim coil colors will fade. What leads to this result?

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One condition for the fading or photochemical reaction of the aluminum trim coil is that the surface component can absorb the radiant energy. And the aluminum trim coil coating can be degraded only when the radiant energy absorbed by the molecular is greater than the molecular bond energy.

According to the above theory, the fading of aluminum trim coil colors is because the coating molecules have absorbed the energy of ultraviolet light that are higher than their molecular bond energies and then the coating molecules degrade.With the aging of the coating film, the coating surface gradually becomes rough and dull.

Different aluminum trim coil thicknesses have different effects on the aging resistance of color coated aluminum coil. The aging resistance of thin coatings is poor, and the aging resistance of normal thickness coatings is relatively good.

Therefore, it is not feasible to reduce the production cost by thinning the coating, which inevitably brings serious quality problems. In order to extend the service life of the painting aluminum trim coil, it is important to grasp the thickness of the coating and the choice of coating material quality in production.

Haomei trim coil for sale has four kinds of coatings: PE, PVDF,PVC, and Polysurlyn, The coating thickness has a wide range on the basis of the basic thickness. If you need aluminum trim coil, welcome to contact us directly.



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