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How to Choose Qualified Gutter Aluminum Roll

Publish: Modify: Jul 09, 2024Author: From:  Haomei

The good mechanical properties of gutter aluminum roll make it ideal raw materials for gutter and downpipe. How to choose qualified color coated aluminum coil? Learn more.

The color coated aluminum coil is easy to bend, weld, and press-form during processing, making them ideal raw materials for aluminum alloy gutters and downpipe manufacturers at home and abroad. The top two coatings of the gutter aluminum roll are polyester coatings and fluorocarbon coatings. The coated aluminum coil thickness is between 0.024mm-1.2mm.

The production of aluminum gutter coil is a process in which a precise coating roller uniformly applies a certain thickness of coating to the surface of the pre-treated aluminum coil that then uniformly enters the baking oven for baking and curing, thereby obtaining a complete coating film with a certain thickness.

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The paint thickness of color-coated aluminum coil is one of the important factors affecting its performance and quality. Too much or too little paint thickness will lead to defects and problems of color-coated aluminum coil. Too much paint thickness will increase the cost and affect the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the coating. Too small a coating thickness will affect the color of the coating and easily cause defects such as scratches, abrasion, and peeling.

The coating process is closely linked to the quality of the paint. The color must be consistent across the strip width and from coil to coil. Many factors can influence the color: coating formulation and quality, film thickness, substrate color, curing temperature (PMT) and dwell time in the curing oven, and even contamination from other coatings.

Customers should choose the appropriate thickness, width and length of color aluminum coils according to the needs of the actual application scenario to ensure that they meet the requirements of use. At the same time, it should be noted that color aluminum coils of different specifications may differ in price and quality, so it is necessary to make a reasonable choice based on the budget and actual needs.

Haomei Aluminum has the most advanced technical professional team to ensure that every link of aluminum coil like pre-treatment, coating, baking, etc. is refined. The coating thickness is uniform and the color difference is small. There is no horizontal stripe, and all physical and chemical indicators have reached the advanced level abroad. Welcome to inquire aluminium coil price from us.



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