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What Is Painted Aluminium Sheet

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The painted aluminum sheet has different coatings such as PVDF, HDP, PE,etc. What are the advantages of color coated aluminum sheet? Learn more.

The painted aluminum sheet is aluminum sheet whose surface has been coated and colored. Because it has good leveling, corrosion resistance, decoration, and mechanical properties, it is favored by the market and is widely used in architectural decoration, food packaging, electronic appliances, printing, transportation and other fields.

The choice of coating for color-coated aluminum sheet can be considered according to the needs of its application field and project cost. According to the weather resistance and corrosion resistance of the coating, PVDF fluorocarbon (polyvinylidene fluoride), HDP high weather resistance polyester, PE polyester and other coatings are in order. Why is it so popular?

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Good durability, Excellent corrosion resistance

The aluminum molecules combine with the oxygen in the air to form an aluminum oxide film, which covers the surface of the aluminum plate, which can prevent the aluminum plate from further oxidation and form a natural protective film with its own anti-corrosion function.

Light weight

The density of aluminum alloy is 2.73, which is one-third of that of steel. It is light in weight and greatly reduces the load on the supporting structure. It is widely used in large-span buildings such as airports, stations, stadiums, etc.

High strength and strong rigidity

Due to the addition of metal components such as magnesium and manganese to the alloy aluminum plate, the strength and rigidity of the pre-painted aluminum plate are greatly enhanced, and its load-bearing performance is improved.

Good plasticity and easy processing

It can be bent into straight plates, inner arcs, outer arcs, and fan shapes, which can be adapted to various roof shapes-spherical, arc, fan, etc., to meet the designer's design concept to the greatest extent.

Rich colors and coating types

The surface of the aluminum plate can be painted with different colors and coating types according to the architectural style and design requirements, which solves the problems of cost and design life, and can fully demonstrate the artistic effect of the building.

High recycling value

After the ordinary color steel plate is corroded, it can only be sold for a few cents per kilogram. When thecolor coated aluminum sheet is recycled, the price can be over 85% of the the aluminum plate. So the recycling value is significantly higher than that of the ordinary color steel plate.

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