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What Is Qualified Color Coated Aluminum Coil

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The painted aluminum coil with PVDF coating has a long service life of over 20 years. What is the qualified aluminum trim coil? There are several testing items like gloss value, coating thickness,etc. Learn more.

The PVDF coated aluminum coils have the advantage of long service life compared to PE coated aluminum coils. Generally, the service life of PVDF coated aluminum coils and aluminum plates can reach more than 20 years, while the service life of polyester color-coated aluminum coils is usually around 10 years.

There are various trim coil colors. The common colors are silver, champagne, gray, coffee, orange, pink, white, black, etc. The color can be customized according to the RAL color card or other standard color card numbers, or it can be processed according to samples, so the color coated aluminum coils require a certain processing cycle before delivery, generally 15 days.

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The pre painted aluminum coils usually adopt a two-coating and two-baking process, that is, after the surface of the aluminum coil is pretreated, the primer (primary coating) and topcoat (finishing coating) are coated and baked and cured, and back coating and embossing or printing are performed as needed. What is the qualified coated aluminum coil?

The 60° gloss value of the fluorocarbon coating has an allowable deviation of ±5 gloss units. The coating color should be basically consistent with the standard color plate specified in the contract, the hardness should be ≥1H, and the adhesion should reach level 0.

The coating should not crack or fall off after impact test, and its wear coefficient should be ≥1.6 L/µm. After hydrochloric acid test, there should be no bubbles or other obvious changes on the surface of the coating.

The painted aluminum coil price is much higher than that of plain aluminum coil, because the production process of colored aluminum is complicated and needs to go through multiple processes such as pre treatment, coloring, and coating. Of course, the price will also be affected by factors such as brand, specification, market supply and demand.

Haomei painted aluminum coil uses neutral treatment agent, roller coating and hot air rapid drying process in the chemical treatment process, which is different from the ordinary dip-coating chemical treatment method, effectively preventing damage to the environment, and using advanced chromium-free treatment liquid for surface treatment to meet strict environmental protection requirements at home and abroad.

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