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Where to buy 10mm Round Alimunuim Blanks Discs

Publish: Modify: Dec 19, 2019Author: From:  Haomei

Here we give you the highlights of aluminum round circle you need to know like temper, thickness, etc. If you like to get aluminum circle price, welcome to contact Haomei, aluminum circle suppliers.

Because aluminum is quite malleable, it makes it easier to draw to the final shape than other metals. Aluminum discs or circles in various sizes and thicknesses are commonly used to manufacture products, as well as more creative uses. Now let’s know some basic indexes of aluminium round discs.

10 mm aluminum disc for utensil.jpgThe common temper: O,H12,H14,H18,H24.

The common alloy: 1060,3003,5052,8011,1050,1070,1100. Among them, the most common one is 1050-O or 1050 semi-rigid. This temper will not crack during stamping and spinning during the following production process.

Main processing craft: hot rolled and cold rolled

Aluminum circle thickness: 0.3mm - 10mm round alimunuim blanks discs

Aluminum circle diameter: 20mm -1200mm

Aluminum circle application: It is mostly used to make a variety of utensils like non-stick cooker, pressure cooker, beverage cans, pizza plate, aluminum pan, aluminum bucket,aluminum pots, aluminum basin, smokeless pot, rice cooker liner, aluminum bottle,etc. It is also used to make mold, hardware supplies, water heater shell,capacitor shell, road sin,etc. Other fields include electronics, daily chemicals, medicine, machinery manufacturing,etc.

Aluminum circle price: Aluminum circle price is usually cheap. If you like to order large amount of aluminum circles, finding the reliable aluminum circle suppliers is very important. Haomei Aluminum is a well known aluminum circle manufacturer in China. Welcome to contact us for the best price.



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