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3003 Aluminum Discbound Discs

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3003 aluminum circle is widely used for cookware, lamps, signs,etc. Another popular one is 3004 aluminum circle. What are its properties? Learn more.

3003 Aluminum discbound discs has stable and excellent formability. At the same time, it has high elongation and is widely used in deep drawing process. Haomei aluminum circle discs have high grain size, clean and shiny surfaces, and high reflectivity.

3003 aluminum circle has good corrosion resistance, close to the corrosion resistance of industrial pure aluminum, and has good corrosion resistance to atmosphere, fresh water, seawater, food, organic acid, gasoline, neutral inorganic salt solution, etc.

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In the state of cold deformation, the 3003 aluminum disc has a tendency to exfoliate and corrode, and the greater the deformation, the more serious the exfoliation. Due to the uneven color after anodization, anodization is generally not performed.

3003 aluminum dics properties

Tensile strength σb (MPa) : 120-160

Conditional yield strength σ0.2 (MPa): ≥85

Specimen Size: All Wall Thicknesses

3003 aluminum circle annealing process

1. Complete annealing: The heating temperature is at 390 ~ 430 ℃. The holding time is 30 ~ 120min. At a speed of 30 ~ 50 ℃/h, it is cooled to 300 ℃ with the furnace, and then air-cooled.

2. The heating temperature is at 350 ~ 370 ℃. According to the effective thickness of the material, the holding time is 30 ~ 120min. Air cooling or water cooling is both OK.

3. Quenching and aging: Quenching at 500~510℃, air cooling; artificial aging at 95~105℃, 3h, air cooling; natural aging at room temperature 120h.

3003 Aluminum discs uses

1. Aluminum circle for cookware: It has high hardness requirements, and stable cutting performance. Post-processing process: anodizing process, enamel process, painting, spraying, deep drawing. It is mainly used for on-stick cookers, pressure cookers,pan,etc.

2. Aluminum discs for lamps: 3003 aluminum discbound discs is used for lampshade, laminate lamps, street lamps,etc.

3. Signs and building materials: It is used for traffic road signs, curtain wall panels, and ceiling materials.

3003 aluminum circle price

It consists of three parts: Changjiang Nonferrous A00 aluminum ingot price + processing fee + freight.

Another common 3xxx aluminum disc is 3004 aluminum circle. Haomei Aluminum has different alloys of aluminum circle discs. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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