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Aluminum Circle Price VS Cost of Aluminum Sheet

Publish: Modify: Mar 10, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Aluminum circle price is a little higher than the cost of aluminum sheet. Why? Haomei, aluminum circle manufacturers, tell you the reasons. Learn more!

It is certain that aluminum circle will surely become more widespread. Aluminum metal is now the second largest metal in use globally only after steel. The common forms of aluminum metal are aluminum sheet, aluminum circle, aluminum coil, aluminum foil,etc.

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When buying aluminum circle and aluminum sheet, some customers find that the aluminum circle price is higher than the cost of aluminum sheet under the same condition. There are two reasons.

The processing procedure of aluminum metal blanks is a little complicated than aluminum sheet. Aluminum circle is of good light resistance, good isolation and stable shape. It can be printed, coated,embossed and also can be compounded with paper or plastic films.

For the following processing steps as shown in the above description, there will be an additional continuous stamping process for aluminum circles. The extra process will add the production cost of the aluminum discs. Therefore, to a certain extent, it will affect the price of aluminum circle.

Another reason is that waste will be generated during the production of aluminum circle. For some aluminum circles with special standards, there will be more steps and more waste will be generated. In addition, aluminum discs with special size need special mold, which also add extra cost.

Generally speaking, aluminum circle price is a little expensive than the cost of aluminum sheet. As for the specific price, welcome to inquire us for the latest price.



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