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The Advantage of Aluminum Discs Stamping

Publish: Modify: Mar 12, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

As a big aluminum circle manufacturer, the aluminum discs stamping is of better surface quality, excellent anodized effect and relatively cheap aluminum circle price. More advantages to find!

At present, the production of aluminum circle mainly depends on stamping equipment. As one of the big aluminium circle manufacturers, Haomei uses the international popular continuous stamping equipment to automatically punch aluminum discs on aluminum coils.

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What are the advantages of aluminum discs stamping? Automatic production effectively avoid scratches and oil stains caused by the improper operation of workers. The aluminum circle surface is bright and smooth. At the same time, it is no longer necessary to go through width slitting processing but punches aluminum circles directly on the aluminum coils, greatly improving the production efficiency.

The raw material of aluminum discs stamping is hot rolled coil, of which the internal structure and grain size is better than cold rolled products. This blank aluminum discs is very suitable for anodization for its surface texture is consistent and there is no color difference after processing.

Nowadays, aluminum circles are usually formed by deep-drawing through stamping equipment or spinning equipment. There are higher requirements for extension. Besides, the aluminum circles for high-end lamps and cookware are usually made of anodized aluminum circle.

Continuous stamping aluminum discs not only have high elongation, but also have good anodizing effect, which is especially suitable for the use of such products. With high efficiency and less waste material, the aluminum circle price produced by continuous stamping equipment will be relatively lower.



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