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Top Two Popular Choices of Aluminum Disk Blanks

Publish: Modify: Jul 22, 2021Author: From:  Haomei

The top two popular uses of aluminum disk blanks are lamp and cookware. The anodized aluminum discs and 3003 aluminum round aluminum plate are usually chosen.

The top two popular uses of aluminum disk blanks are lamp and cookware. The aluminum discs for sale is of moderate hardnes and can be formed by simple bending. Continuous high-speed stamping helps to greatly reduce the production cycle and cost.

The aluminum circle for lamps has good fire resistance. Generally, aluminum circle will not burn 600 degrees Celsius and will not produce any toxic gas. It also has good anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion ability, which can keep no color fading and no oxidation for a long time.

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The aluminum circle for lighting usually choose the anodized aluminum discs. The surface hardness and scratch resistance of the anodized aluminum discs is good. At the same time, it also has strong anti-pollution ability.

The round aluminum plate is often used to make the non-stick pan that will be clean with a light wipe. The cookware quality directly affects our daily lives. A non-stick pan means that it does not stick to the bottom when frying, which will minimize the edible oil consumption and cooking fumes.

Haomei 3003 aluminum circle is much favored by the non-stick pan manufacturers. The 3003 round aluminum plate is a typical Al-Mn alloy, featuring good formability, excellent corrosion resistance and welding performance.

The non-stick coating in the non-stick pan produced by it is smooth and of even color and luster. There are no obvious defects such as dirt, cracks and explosion points. 3003 round aluminum plate has the following advantages:

1. Strong anti-rust properties.

2. Smooth surface, good plasticity and pressure resistance.

3. Excellent forming and processing characteristics, high corrosion resistance, excellent weldability and electrical conductivity.

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