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An Overview from Anodized Aluminum Discs Manufacturers

Publish: Modify: Aug 18, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

After anodizing process, the anodised aluminum discs has many advantages, which belong to a high-end aluminum products. Find the anodized aluminum discs manufacturers.

The anodised aluminum discs refers to a layer of dense aluminum oxide coated on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloy to prevent further oxidation, and its chemical properties are the same as aluminum oxide. But unlike the ordinary oxide films, the anodized aluminum discs can be dyed by electrolytic coloring.

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The anodized aluminum discs production process:

1. Mechanical polishing

2. Chemical treatment to remove the copper component on the surface of some alloys

3. Clean and remove oil ( If we need to re-anodize, use alkali or special agent to remove the original anodized surface.)

4. Put it in dilute sulfuric acid as an anode to energize to form a surface oxide layer that is usually a porous white translucent film.

5. Dyeing

6. Strengthen the processing effect through heating or using the chromate solution to close the pores of the surface oxide layer.

The advantages of the anodized aluminum circles:

1. The hardness of the anodized aluminum discs is high, having good scratch resistance.

2. Good machinability: It is suitable for continuous high- speed stamping, which is no need for other complicated surface treatment, greatly reducing production circle and cost.

3. Strong metallic feeling: There is no paint covering the surface, retaining the metallic color of the aluminum circle, which contributes to improving the product grade and added value.

4. Strong stain resistance: It is no fingerprints, no stain marks, no corrosion spots and easy to clean.

With so many advantages, the anodized aluminum discs are widely used for high-end cookware, road marks, lamp cover,etc. As an anodized aluminum discs manufacturer, Haomei Aluminum can offer different sizes of aluminum circles for you. Welcome to leave message blow to get a quote.



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