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Why Is Aluminum Discs Circles For Lamp Cover So Popular

Publish: Modify: Jun 01, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Why is aluminum discs circles for lamp cover so popular? Come to find the reasons in this page. If you like to inquire aluminum circle price, leave message below the article. Learn more!

As a high-end metal alloy material, the advantage of aluminum discs circles for lamp cover is very obvious. It is usually used for downlights, shelf lights and street lights. The commonly used aluminum discs circles are 1060 and 1100.

In recent years, the use rate of this material has been increasing year by year. Why is the aluminum circle for lamp cover so popular? There is our analysis:


No.1 Durable performance and long service life

In fact, most factories will consider the overall properties of this material when choosing industrial metal raw materials. Aluminum is very lively and easy to oxidize, which means that even if the aluminum discs for lamp cover is used in with harsh environment, its performance and overall service life will not be affected by the external environment.

No.2 It is of high recycling value

Although most metals can be recycled, a large number of metal materials are still discarded every year in the industrial field due to various factors, and these waste metal materials are often difficult to recycle again.

After the aluminum circle for lamp cover is applied, the waste rate of metal materials has decreased significantly. Even if aluminum circle is no longer in use, it also has a high recycling rate.

No.3 Economic Price and superior quality

The aluminum discs/circle for lamp cover is usually 1 series aluminum circle. The manufacturing process of 1000 aluminum circle is very mature and simple, so its price is relatively cheap. And with advanced equipment, Haomei, a big aluminum discs circles for lamp cover manufacturer, can offer you superior aluminum circle that is of bright surface and no defects such as scratches.

From the above reasons, we can also understand some advantages of aluminum circles. If you like to inquire aluminium circle price, welcome to leave message here or email us.



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