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The Uses of DC Aluminum Circle Plate

Publish: Modify: Feb 16, 2022Author: From:  Haomei

DC aluminum is widely favored by the market. It is widely used in cookware, hardware, household appliances. Learn more.

Aluminum circle plate is a product obtained by deep processing of aluminum plate. DC aluminum is widely favored by the market. Electric appliances, pots and other products produced by the hot rolled aluminum not only has good heat dissipation, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and light weight, but also has has long service life.

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Due to its light weight and corrosion resistance, hot-rolled aluminum discs are often used to make non-stick pans, pressure cookers, kitchen utensils, cooking utensils, etc. After special surface treatment, its surface is of stable performance. At the same time, the stylish and atmospheric appearance of the hot-rolled aluminum disc perfectly coordinates the modern kitchen style.


Many common hardware products are made of hot-rolled aluminum discs, such as lampshades, lamps, water heater shells, glass window locks, some capacitor aluminum shell blanks, etc. The reason why many hardware products choose DC aluminum is that they have excellent corrosion resistance and forgeability, and can be made into required shapes according to requirements.

Household appliances

Household appliances are essential daily necessities for every household. They are not only required to be beautiful and durable, but also need to have high safety. The easy-to-use hot-rolled aluminum disc has excellent thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, weather resistance and corrosion resistance.

DC aluminum is often used in the production of electric kettle thermal conduction chassis, rice cooker inner tank and various thermal conduction components, making household appliances more elegant and safer.

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