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Stainless Steel VS Aluminum Circle for Cookware

Publish: Modify: Aug 20, 2020Author: From:  Haomei

Compared with stainless steel, aluminum circle for cookware is of a lower price and higher heat efficiency. The anodized aluminum discs is its higher-end series. Learn more.

The two main metals for the cookware are stainless steel and aluminum. The stainless steel pot is beautiful and durable. The stainless steel used in the tableware should be an alloy of 72% iron, 18% chromium, and 10% nickel, which has strong corrosion resistance.

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However, the cheap stainless steel pots on the market are mostly unqualified products, the alloy ratio is chaotic, which the expensive nickel is replaced by the manganese and also contains trace metals such as cobalt, molybdenum and cadmium. The corrosion resistance is reduced, and the metal dissolution will exceed the standard.

Compared with the stainless steel, the quality large aluminum circles have a lower price. According to incomplete statistics, about half of the cookware in the world is made of aluminum. The heat efficiency of aluminum cookware is as high as 93%, while stainless steel and cast iron are only 1/3 of aluminum.

The use of aluminum circle for cookware will greatly increase the physical and chemical properties of cookware, so that the electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance and other characteristics of cookware can be improved.

Of the aluminum circles, the anodized aluminum discs are for making higher-end cookware. The hard anodizing process refers to the formation of alumina through electrochemical methods. In general, hard anodizing is a high technology used to improve corrosion resistance and increase the surface hardness of aircraft, ships or building exterior wall materials.

For this reason, a hard anodizing process is used on the surface of the pot to create excellent surface hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Besides, the anodized aluminum discs has a better coating performance and can resist heat, friction and salt. That will improve the safety of aluminum cookware.

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